A Look Inside a Vivio VPS Platform Server

In my recent post, "What 256GB of RAM Looks Like", I showed some pictures of some RAM that Vivio had bought to put in to a couple of new platform machines. After that post I got a couple of requests to see it inside the servers that it was going to be in, so I took some pictures of one of the two new Platforms we built this month for those of you who might be interested in seeing the platform machines we use.

vivio vps inside

There are two Opteron 8-Core CPU's here, for a total of 16 CPU cores. The RAM is the same RAM that I showed in the pictures earlier. Each RAM module is 8GB, making for a total of 128GB in each of the two servers we put together this month. The CPU's and RAM are cooled using passive cooling and a fan "funnel" (at least I think that's what it's called) in which 4 separate fans drive air through the funnel.

vivio vps HDD array sas

This platform will be named "Arcticwolf" - which indicates this particular server will be used for Windows VPS Accounts. It will contain 16 Seagate Constallation SAS drives (14 usable and 2 spare). The amount of drive space we will be providing by default in new VPS Accounts will increase (a great deal) in the not too distant future as the price of exceptional drive arrays like this one goes down.

vivio vps psu

The system comes complete with redundant PSU's, so if one of them fails, we can replace it without needing to shut the machine down. 

Personally, I think these servers are just plain awesome in carnate, but that's probably just my predjudice talking. ;)


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