"Understanding the Dream" or, "utdream", is currently the blogging home of Jordan Michaels. So... what the heck does it mean to "Understand the Dream"? It's meant a lot of things to me over the years that I've used the name, but meanings will sometimes include the following:

  1. Understanding your own dream - realizing who you are.
  2. Understanding the dreams of others, realizing that the people around you aren't nameless faces, but real individuals with gifts of their own
  3. Understanding the times, so that our kids can dream about tomorrow
  4. Following your dreams, or even just your interests, and (trying) to never say "some day I'm going to..."
  5. etc...

Realistically, the name is very ambiguous and can be used however fits your mood, so I keep it around because I like that about it.

As a person, I have a beautiful family: My wife Tiffany and I got married just a few years after we met in High School. We have two sons: my oldest, Jaden, who's 4 at the time I'm writing this, and my youngest, Noah, who's currently 1 and just learned to walk. Both of my kids are freaking amazing to watch learn and grow. They are a miracle.

Jordan, Tiffany, Jaden, and NoahI work at a hosting company called Vivio Technologies, located in WA State, which myself and my business partner, Mark, co-founded. It started with just me working down in a basement office, and has since grown to a thriving hosting company with a focus on the CFML language industry. We're currently hosting hundreds of servers, with thousands of customers all over the world. In addition to offering and supporting Adobe's ColdFusion CFML engine, we also support the open-source engines, Railo and OpenBD. I've even developed easy-to-use installers for each of the open-source engines, to give folks who are new to CFML an easy way to get up and running on those engines. With open-source engines, cost is no longer a barrier to entry for the CFML language like it used to be, so I'm very happy about that. I believe there's a place for both OSS and commercial engines in the CFML market.

I am religious, but I try very hard not to push that upon anyone. Before I was fully converted I was very, very turned off by the usually well-intentioned but painfully over-zealous religious folks with their fire and brimstone speaches. I do not believe God is like that, so I don't want to appear that way to anyone. Instead, I try to be a good person and reflect my creator in a way that folks can respect when they see me.

I'm an amateur musician, but I have no illusions that I will ever do it professionally in any form. I'll probably post the tracks I occasionally make on here.

Other then that, I'm pretty much your all around geek. I play video games, I like comic-book movies, "techie" gadgets, and science. Thanks for visiting my blog!