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Utdream - Objects in Space

The following uses a variety of synths and one-shots to create a "distant" feel. Hope you like it!

Objects In Space by Understanding the Dream

Utdream - Neutron

Another attempt by me to make a piece that's a bit more energetic. I was trying for something that would make you tap your foot or nod your head while listening.


Utdream - Proton

I was beatboxing one day, trying my hand at some heavier beats then I usually do, and this track sort of... came out. It's pretty simple, but it's got a heavy beat and some sweet synths. I liked it enough to post it. ;) All digital instruments and one-shots.

Utdream - Proton by Understanding the Dream

Watching the Rain

Symphonic piece created by yours truly. Appreciate any comments you might have.

Watching the Rain by Understanding the Dream

Thunder loop credit: "Arctura" from their "Spectacular Nature" series on the Free Sound Project

Precussion uses one-shots on woods and several base drums. The instrument loops (various piano. trombone, vibraphone, french horns) were created by me using digital instruments and various effects. I use one ambient synth generated from the "Morphine" VST (you hear it clearly at the end).

Relaxing Tune: Exhale

I just finished the following track last night. I'd be interested to hear any feedback you might have.

Utdream - Exhale by jmichaels

I used several different synths, violas, obos, and the beat was created using one-shots of African water drums.

Hope you like it!